Vim Liquid Lime 250 ml

Vim Liquid Lime 250 ml
Brand: Hindustan unilever limited
Product Code: Vim Liquid Lime 250 ml
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Vim Drop Lime Liquid is an extraordinary liquid used to clean utensils in just no time. The technology and formulation used in Vim is so effective that it produces great lather. All the dirty materials are cleaned up leaving a bright shine on the utensils. The Vim Drop Lime Liquid contains the goodness and aroma of lime in it. It can be used on any type of cookware and utensils including the non-stick utensils. The liquid contains natural ingredients which contain very less chemicals. Thus, it is good for skin as the skin gets soaked up in soap while washing the utensils. The aroma of lime in the liquid is also soothing. Lime is also considerd good for washing utensils as it works as a good cleansing agent for the utensils. The liquid removes the bad odour which usually comes from the utensils after washing them. It easily fights tough stains and spots on the utensil and also removes the stickiness of the vessel. Only one to two drops of Vim Drop Lime Liquid is enough to wash many utensils, thus the product is long lasting, and has attractive price. It acts as an all in one solution. Vim Drop Lime Liquid is anti-bacterial in nature as it fights the oil marks, dirty matter and kills the germs and bacteria present on the vessel leaving behind a spotless, clean, shiny and hygienic vessel ready to use again. The packaging of the product is designed to keep in mind the ease and handiness of the product in the kitchen. Vim was established in 1885. It sells its products in over 4 continents and is one of the leading hand-washing brands in 20 countries. Worldwide over 2 billion people consume its products.

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