Harpic Flushmatic 50 gm

Harpic Flushmatic 50 gm
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The leading lavatory care brand in India, no other brand cleans like Harpic does. The toilet cleaning products marketed under the brand name include liquids, tablets, wipes, brush systems, toilet bowl and cistern blocks.

And now presenting Harpic Flushmatic Pine Clean – an innovation in toilet blocks, it helps clean and remove germs with every flush. Just remove the block from its pack and drop it in the toilet cistern. After that every time you flush, Harpic will not only clean your toilet bowl but it will leave behind a nice pine fragrance.

The toilets in our homes should always be clean because that is the one place where most germs breed. To keep your family safe and disease free, you need to ensure highest hygienic standards. And Harpic Flushmatic Pine Clean is the best product because it has a powerful cleaning capacity that leaves your toilet completely hygienic, germ-free and odourless. It lasts for up to 1000 flushes and is safe for septic tanks. So, buy Harpic Flushmatic online now.

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