Odonil Elect Plug lavender

Odonil Elect Plug lavender
Brand: Dabur
Product Code: Odonil Elect Plug lavender
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Odonil Nature Exotic lavender Electrical Air Freshener is the newly launched product from Dabur. In keeping with the recent trends in technology, Dabur has improved the standard means of freshening and has taken on the wings of electrical room fresheners, instead of blocks and sprays. The new 'Pluggy' as it is called, is available in four natural fragrances that make your home sweet smelling. These include Exotic lavender, Fresh Rose, Mystic Jasmine and Floral Fusion. The all new electrical air fresheners are meant for your living rooms and are very easy and simple to use. All you have to do is plug the freshener into an electrical socket and beset your home with the natural fragrances found in nature. The device is economically priced and does not consume too much power either. It uses just 5.3 Watt of electricity, and can be used up to 8 hours a day, for nearly 60 days. The Odonil Natural Exotic lavender  Electrical Air Freshener transforms your living space into an exotic rose garden and makes your home all the more welcoming to you and your family. Available with a refill, the Odonil Pluggy has revamped traditional methods of freshening your rooms. Make your home and your surroundings more beautiful with the Odonil Pluggy, Exotic lavender fragrance.

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