Odonil Blocks Mix-50gm

Odonil Blocks Mix-50gm
Brand: Dabur
Product Code: Odonil Blocks Mix
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Price: ₹34.00
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Odonil Nature Block is yet another air freshener from Dabur that keeps your rooms and home forever sweet and fresh smelling. By combating bad odours of any kind, they get absorbed into the air and bring freshness into every corner of your house. Available in blocks and sprays, the Odonil Natural Block has the natural smelling fragrances found in nature. Now with just a block of Odonil, you can bring the smell of the woods and nature into your home. Transform your home into woodland with the Odonil Natural Block. The Odonil Block can be hung almost anywhere in your home. Place it in a corner and allow the block to do its magic. They can be placed in your toilets, living and bedrooms too. They are available in other fragrances such as orchid, rose, jasmine, lavender and citrus. In an easy-to-use and compact form, these blocks are also manufactured as Hanger packs, Net packs and Dispensers. 'Mood Badal De' is the famous tagline of Odonil, and it does just that! These blocks are priced at affordable rates and last up to 45 days. With these blocks being made available in various fragrances, you can keep changing them as you please. Unlike other fresheners, Odonil is neither too mild, nor is it overpowering. You can smell the whiff of your scented rooms with a gentle breeze, and get transported into the world of nature, with the Odonil Nature Block.

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