Mortein Power Gard 7X 45 Nights

Mortein Power Gard 7X 45 Nights
Brand: Mortein
Product Code: Mortein Power Gard 7X 45 Nights
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Mortein is a renowned name in household insecticide. It is basically an Australian company and is a very popular insect repellent. Mortein has made a significant place in Australian household. Mortein has the most popular slogan of "More Smart, more safe, Mortein." The word Mortein is made by the combination of two words "mort" meaning (dead) and "ein" meaning (one). The main active ingredients used in Mortein are Allethrin, Pyrethroid and Resmethrin. All these are neuro toxins which can be harmful to humans when taken in typical doses. Mortein powerguard 7X is a vapourizer that is considered to be seven times a more effective and powerful germ killer than other pest control products. The formulation is considered to be one of the best and most effective ones available in the market. The product is highly appreciated in getting rid of both mosquitoes and houseflies. Mortein powerguard 7X ia available in the market with a powerbooster gadget and a sliding power control that helps vigourously in controlling the varying and uneven number of mosquitoes

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