Limca-1 Ltr

Limca-1 Ltr
Brand: Coca Cola India
Product Code: Limca-1 Ltr
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Price: ₹55.00
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Limca's freshness is like no other- 'lime n lemoni'

Lime 'n' lemoni Limca can cast a tangy refreshing spell on anyone, anywhere. Derived from 'Nimbu' + 'jaisa' hence Lime Sa, Limca has lived up to its promise of refreshment and has been the original thirst choice of millions of consumers for over 3 decade.

Born in 1971, Limca has remained unchallenged as the No.1 Sparkling Drink in the Cloudy lemon Segment. The success formula is the sharp fizz and lemoni bite combined with the single minded proposition of the brand as the provider of "Freshess".

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