RoohAfza Sharbat 750 ml

RoohAfza Sharbat 750 ml
Brand: Hamdard
Product Code: RoohAfza Sharbat 750 ml
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Introduced in 1907, RoohAfza has been the country’s favorite drink for generations. RoohAfza’s taste, fragrance, colour and goodness remains unsurpassed even after 100 years of its creation. A unique formulation of herbs and pure juices Rooh Afza was developed by the pioneering Unani physician, Hakim Hafiz Abdul Majeed

RoohAfza is an exceptionally appropriate summer drink and great additive for mocktails and desserts. Besides cooling, refreshing, it is also nutritional, maintains and adjusts the body’s water level. It also helps in keeping one active and energetic.

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