Lipton Darjeeling Tea 450g

Lipton Darjeeling Tea 450g
Brand: Hindustan unilever limited
Product Code: Lipton Darjeeling Tea 450g
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Price: ₹550.00
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Lipton, one of the leading tea selling brands has newly launched Lipton Darjeeling tea which promises to give you the best when it comes to tea consumption. The tea has an extraordinary taste that helps you capture those special and memorable moments. This brand has constantly provided to its customers, the wonderful taste and unforgettable aroma of the unique long leaves. The long leaves used in the Lipton Darjeeling tea are specially picked from the high hills of Darjeeling in northern India. These leaves are the best in quality and are packed with antioxidants which boost the immune system. The tea provides a superb unique and strong taste that give a wonderful start to your mornings. Anti-oxidants present in the tea is also a good stress buster and help control your blood pressure levels. Regular consumption of this tea relieves you from day to day problems like dizziness and headache. A single cup of Lipton tea in the morning keeps you active throughout your day.

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