Bru Gold Coffee Jar 25g

Bru Gold Coffee Jar 25g
Brand: Hindustan unilever limited
Product Code: Bru Gold Coffee Jar 25g
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Often in life there come these moments, which tug at hearts, which deserve a little special something. BRU makes these moments with loved ones even more special, even more magical. BRU is India's largest coffee brand, offering a range of coffee products. Bru Gold is a 100% coffee, non-chicory coffee powder, made from a fine blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. These carefully handpicked and processed coffee beans lend their aromatic & intoxicating notes to the coffee, providing an explosion of flavor in every sip you take. The stylish and modern packaging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also keeps the freshness of the coffee preserved for a long time. The specially designed snap-fitting cap of the jar ensures that the aroma and taste of this delectable coffee is preserved long after you have opened the pack. Awaken to the enchanting aroma of rich filter coffee wafting from your house. Every sip of it fills you with the irresistible taste of high quality 100% coffee. So go ahead, close your eyes and take a sip of BRU Gold coffee. You wouldn't want it to end

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