Dalda Soyabean Oil 1 Ltr

Dalda Soyabean Oil 1 Ltr
Brand: Dalda
Product Code: Dalda Soyabean Oil 1 Ltr
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Soyabean oil is a popular choice because of its proven health benefits and is especially good for the heart. Rich in polyunsaturated fat, Soyabean oil has the ideal ratio of  linoleic acid to linolenic acid as recommended by WHO.  It is also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are believed to help in brain development. The high polyunsaturated fatty acid level helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. Soyabean oil also contains phytosterols which could lower LDL cholesterol. Finally, it is the richest source of Vitamin E among all refined oils (natural antioxidants) that helps to prevent the oxidative rancidity. Fortified with Vitamin A & D, Dalda Husband’s Choice Soyabean oil is the best oil for your entire family.

Soyabean oil is known to bring to life various food products including salad dressings, sandwich spreads, margarine, bread, mayonnaise, non-dairy coffee creamers and snack foods.

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