Lays Classic Salted 96 g

Lays Classic Salted 96 g
Brand: Pepsico
Product Code: Lays Classic Salted 96 g
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From eight to eighty, most of the people have tasted the enormous crispy Lays potato chips to fulfil their desire. Renowned as a brand of varieties of potato chips, Lays started its journey in 1932 and it has been successful to maintain its standard since the beginning. Among other flavours, the lays classic salted is one of the favourite. Though there are other flavours, lays classic salted has been a popular one for a long time. They are perfectly shaped, salted and ready in a very crispy form. Despite many new flavours arrived since the inception, 79% of the consumers like the original lays classic salted flavour. The process begins with the selection of highest quality potatoes. Then they are being cooked in healthier oils mainly sunflower and corn oils. Most importantly, the chips contains very limited amount of salt. There is a perfect blend which makes the classic salted chips far better. Although potato chips are not welcomed as healthy, but there are some positive sides as they contain no additives. The original classic salted is a perfect match for the young generations while spending fun times. Perfectly coated with salt, the chips are crispy and crunchy.

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