Lays American Style Cream & Onion Flavour 26 g

Lays American Style Cream & Onion Flavour 26 g
Brand: Pepsico
Product Code: Lays American Style Cream & Onion Flavour 26 g
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Lays is the famous chips brand, which is owned by the PepsiCo. There are number of flavours for this chips brand. In India lay's is very popular among all the ages. Especially the kids are very fond of the lay's product. Lays American style cream onion is one of the flavours among the other flavours of chips. Lays can be called the leading chips sellers in India.
The cost of one packet of American style cream onion flavour varies accordingly. The price range of cream onion flavour is very minimum and price starts from rupees 10. The main ingredients of the cream onion flavour are potato, edible vegetable oil, sugar, salt, spices condiments, onion powder, parsley powder, pepper powder, solids (1.3%), cheese powder (0.1%), wheat fibre, starch. One can easily go through the ingredients before buying a packet. There other nutritional information for American style cream onion flavour are energy kcal 77, protein g 1.1, carbohydrate g 7.4, sugars g 0.5, fat g 4.8, saturated fat g 1.3, MUFA g 2.2. Thus the cream onion flavour is the new flavour among the others. The flavour is a success, and in a survey it is seen that the demand is good.

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