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Product Code: ACT 2 BUTTER 70g
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ACT II is known for offering consistent quality at a great price. ACT II ensures that any flavour of popcorn it offers is light, fluffy and great tasting every time. It presents some of the most exciting instant popcorn products in 6 different flavours, such as ACT II Classic Salted, ACT II Golden Sizzle, ACT II Chilli Surprise, ACT II Butter Delight, ACT II Tomato Chilli, and ACT II Butter Pepper. ACT II delight Butter has only25-30 calories/cup and less than one gram of fiber. If you are at home with your family or outside for a movie or in a party with friends traditional buttery flavors of ACT II popcorn is the right choice. ACT II Butter Delight Popcorn is one of the original and most popular popcorn. Its main ingredients include popping corn, edible vegetable fat, iodised salt, butter, and natural colour. It can be easily made in a thick bottomed pan or cooker at home in just 3 minutes. ACT II also has an entire range of instant popcorn that can be quickly made in the microwave oven. So, treat yourself and your family with everyone's favorite healthy snack: The popcorn!

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